Micro-USB novel

Sim-Books-tm and USB-Books-tm, (micro-sim and micro-USB), as wallet cards and card decks, for your portable reading  pleasure. The micro-usb-cards will plug into any of the more popular readers. Sim-books will work with a adapter, if your reader doesn't offer a micro-sim card slot.

The Benefits: You own the electronic file indefinitely. It comes encased, as a physical product, and the case is yours to keep. The contents can be used with most any reader or computer. You can lend our releases as you would a cd, dvd, or book. In micro form, our titles travel lightly. You can bring them along - as many as you wish - on vacation or business trips.
Micro-USB novel

Micro-USB Deck-Case

Our original offerings will include the books of the Pseudonymous Series-tm, singly or complete; the Blot Books-tm, WW2 in the Atlantic and Pacific, new authors series, and Merla Zellerbach's mysteries.

In due course, Firefall will also have a shufflebook card, that offers books by surprise, in random read mode. When available, our bookdecks can also be ordered as all hearts (romances), all clubs (war stories), or as a fixed mixed deck. Refer to our home page to make your selection.


One book, shipped (postage included)    
$    8
Two books, shipped    
$  15
Five books, shipped    
$  29
Select Firefall deck - 15 titles, shipped    
$  79


Sim-USB Adapter


We will begin taking pre-orders this year.

Meanwhile, your inquiries are invited:

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